This is the new Librarian page, maintained by the current librarian Grady!

All of what was on the old library page should be here and more updated than the old library site, but let me know if anything looks strange or out of date.

What is the Library?

The library is a very large collection of Fan-Subbed Anime with a focus on providing the best quality subtitles and video. In the club’s early days it built up quite a collection of VHS tapes before moving to CDs and then DVDs. Now days the number of DVDs grows too large so with Hard-Drive prices reducing we’ve introduced a new generation of Library: the NAS. To find out more click Here.

The transition is complete so you can now find your anime on the NAS, with the exception of series licensed in Australia which will remain on DVD. Members who do not have Laptops are still be able to request titles be burnt to disc or can ask to borrow them on USB and borrow can proceed as usual.

Where/When is the Library Open?

The library runs during screenings, a location map can be found Here. Unfortunately this year we’ve again been unable to book extra rooms for the library like we have in past years but it can usually be found inside the screening room or somewhere close by. Ask at the screening if you are unable find it.

(Library location details can be found at the bottom of the page)

What is the Format?

The Library is a collection of Fan-Subs. Newer files are most commonly in mkv format while the older series are probably avi. In any case you’ll need a good codec pack to play them as windows is rather lacking is some areas. I recommend KCP. CCCP will also work fairly well. A link to download the latest version is in the sidebar to the right.

The DVD Lists

The library catalog is not currently available from our website but I have set up lists you can download from the links at the bottom of the page. These links are permanently hosted and will hopefully be kept up to date.

Note: Series that are being screened are not available to be borrowed from the library. If you’ve missed some episodes I make them available on the NAS for you to catch up on.

The NAS List

Also at the bottom of the page is a list of the titles currently available on the NAS. Related titles are grouped together as they are on the NAS with titles and bullet-point lists representing folders and sub-folders.

Note: To avoid copyright issues the NAS does not have series that are licensed and as a result some of the folders are empty (except for a text file). You will need to borrow these from the DVD library.


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