This is probably why you’re here, “How do I get the anime” you wonder, well, hopefully this guide which I basically stole from the old library site will help you out!

What is the NAS?

NAS stands for Network-Attached Storage and is a self-contained file server that connects to a network via Ethernet. Simply put it’s a box of hard-drives that connect to a network rather than USB and anyone on that network can access the files on it using software (in this case FTP).

At the moment the NAS has a capacity of 9TB (8.18 TiB) with 7 TiB used, but that will fill up eventually and will increase as it is needed. In order to access this Amazing Archive of Anime at screenings, you will need to prepare by following the steps below:

1. Set up your Device

Note: Download Links for the required software can be found at the bottom of the page.

  1. As the NAS does not have an interface, you will need some kind of device to connect to the server yourself (so, basically a smartphone or laptop or similar device).
  2. If you’re using a smartphone, the simplest choice is to download the smartphone app. Otherwise, downloading an FTP program to access is highly recommended. FileZilla has long been a favourite choice for this.

    Please set your client to only one simultaneous transfer (In FileZilla, the default is two and this will strain the system if there are multiple users). FileZilla: Edit > Settings > Transfers (In the settings list) > Maximum Simultaneous Transfers (1st setting on the page).

  3. To access the NAS you will need its network IP address. The default is but this is likely to change depending on the screening. We will try to put it up for you, but you really should download the QNAP Finder. It’s a small program from the manufacturer that scans the network and finds the address for you. Do note that the address won’t be found until the NAS has fully started up (this is marked by a beep a little while after the NAS has been turned on).

2. Connecting to the NAS

This year (and a since few years back as well) we have decided to do without user accounts to simplify the process.

For laptops/tablets/etc.

  1. Connect your laptop to the network at the screening, by cable (some are provided) or through wireless, either should work fine.
  2. Open your FTP client and connect. The easiest way using FileZilla is to simply enter the host (IP) address in the quick connect bar (all other fields can be left blank) and click connect.
    If using another client you may also need to enter the username and port number.

    Default Host (IP):
    Username: anonymous
    Port: 21

    You can speed up transfer by using an unencrypted connection (File -> Site Manager -> New Site, set Host to the NAS address, and set the Encryption to “Only use plain FTP (insecure)”), whether you take that route or not is up to you, but you may see a transfer speed up to 40x as fast in some cases, so it may be worth it for you.

  3. Now just browse and copy Anime. When using FileZilla the NAS files are on the right, your computer is on the left and simply drag and drop from one list to the other.

For smartphones/etc.

  1. Connect your phone to the network (guide here).
  2. Add the NAS (click the “Add NAS” button).
  3. Connect using username smartapp, password appsmart.
  4. You should be good to go! Browse and download as desired.